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At ACCBOOKS we carve the future profitability of the businesses and align businesses with today’s standards and best practices

As the digital economy is still an unfamiliar territory to be explored, the VAT and Accounting of products and transactions could be challenging. ACCBOOKS is a team of certified and expert professionals in the field of VAT, Accounting, and Auditing, bringing you the best solutions for your business’s unique needs. Our advisors and consultants ensure that you are aware of any new policies that are introduced to this developing field of the digital economy and consult how you can mold your business structure accordingly to best play the policies for your business’s good.

ACCBOOKS Solutions

Its solutions are based on PPT(People, Process, and Technology) Framework



  • Dedicated and qualified Accountant for all your VAT and Accounting needs
  • Dedicated Customer Services team
  • Dedicated VAT consultant to update you on the latest developments regarding the legislation and rules



  • Double quality check of your business transactions at every step
  • Eliminates manual, time-consuming transaction processes and reduces the reliance on key team members
  • UAE VAT compliant Accounting Software (Web-based and Mobile) to adapt to the advanced technology to reduce your workload by 90%
  • ACCBOOKS reporting tool includes built-in reports that are fully integrated for reconciliation, VAT returns, financial reporting, and audit



  • ACCBOOKS is an authorized partner with ZOHO which provides customized cloud-based accounting applications with sophisticated and detailed Accounting and VAT reports
  • ACCBOOKS contains advance inventory will allow users to manage separate inventory for each and every store location.
  • ACCBOOKS fully integrates with BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce. It sync all inventory, sales and customer records.


1. Experts in Accounting & Bookkeeping
2. Certified Auditors for VAT in UAE
3. Consultants for business growth
4. Industry specialist on business setup consultancy and PRO Services
5. Experienced customer services team
6. Internal and External Auditors for business mandates

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